Join the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors

Associate Member Directors (AMDs) have the unique opportunity, as part of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Board of Directors, to guide Bluetooth® technology toward even more explosive growth in new and existing markets. Ideal candidates are passionate industry leaders willing to leverage their strategic influence, executive leadership, and business acumen to further advance Bluetooth technology.

Serving as an AMD has opened my eyes to a lot of great work the staff is doing behind the scenes to make the Bluetooth SIG function and function better. Observing first-hand a growth mindset within the organization gives me the optimism that the Bluetooth SIG can continue being a vibrant space for innovation and collaboration between member companies to benefit end users.

Peter Liu, Bose Corporation



Associate Member Directors (AMD) hold substantial responsibility to the Bluetooth SIG and must fulfill director duties in accordance with the law and the Bluetooth SIG Code of Conduct — exhibiting independence, impartiality, and confidentiality.

Successful candidates:

  • Are strongly committed to the growth of Bluetooth technology
  • Must be an Associate member or an affiliate of an Associate member and have a user account
  • Have time and support from their employer to fulfill director duties, including bi-monthly conference calls and four to five annual board meetings
  • Can provide contact info for the individual authorized (e.g. direct manager) to approve AMD participation and verify the ability to fulfill fiduciary duties to the Bluetooth SIG

If you are an employee, agent, or consultant of or to an Associate member company or its affiliates without a user account, you can create a user account before you apply. If your company is not an Associate Member and you would like for it to become an Associate member, upgrade your membership.

Employees, agents, or consults of or to Promoter members or Adopter members not affiliated with an Associate member are not eligible to apply.

Selection Process

Associate Member Directors (AMD) are appointed by unanimous approval of the directors of the board that were appointed by Promoter directors. An outline of the process is below:

  • Bluetooth SIG accepts AMD applications
  • Eligible applications are reviewed by the Promoter directors
  • Promoter directors may conduct applicant interviews (via phone or in person)
  • Promoter directors vote on AMD selection
  • Promoter directors announce AMD decision

About the Board of Directors and Its Duties

The board manages the affairs of the Bluetooth SIG. The bylaws, section 6.6, charges the directors with “the general management of the affairs, property and interest of the Corporation,” including responsibility for “the final adoption of all Bluetooth specifications” and oversight of “the final approval of the Bluetooth Qualification Program and the Bluetooth Testing Program.” Currently, the board of directors consists of seven Promoter directors and four AMDs. The board may have up to four AMDs at one time. Find out more in Bluetooth SIG Bylaws.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please submit a support request.