The executive team and BoD work together to ensure the mission and goals of the Bluetooth SIG are fulfilled.

Mark Powell, CEO

Mark Powell is a wireless industry veteran and entrepreneur with 30 years experience in leadership positions at some of the largest and most innovative mobile technology providers in the industry. Since 2012, Mark has been the CEO of the Bluetooth SIG, a period during which the technology has experienced significant growth, both in volume and market applications with the arrival of technologies such as Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, and Bluetooth Direction Finding. During that time the Bluetooth organization has been modernized and streamlined, growing to support the needs of the market and member companies and paving the way for new upcoming technologies, such as the next generation of Bluetooth Audio. Prior to the Bluetooth SIG, Mark served as vice president of the client software business unit at Kineto Wireless, a company he co-founded in 2001 with the vision of using unlicensed spectrum to deliver cellular services, and in executive roles at mobile industry leaders Nokia and later Motorola, where he led the handset division portfolio team launching many innovative products including some of Motorola’s first Bluetooth enabled phones.


Christine Scott, Assistant Executive Director & VP of Finance

Christine Scott is the vice president of finance and assistant executive director. In her position, Scott oversees all aspects of finance, operations, and human resources. Scott brings invaluable financial acumen, leadership, and integrity to this growing organization.

Scott started at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2002 when the organization was in its infancy, running with just contractors and volunteers—and only 2,500 members. Over the last twelve years, Scott implemented financial procedures and processes, a human resources program, operations procedures, and helped grow the SIG to support over 25,000 members.

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Maryland.


Ken Kolderup, VP of Marketing

Ken Kolderup leads an international team responsible for brand management, developer engagement and business development at the Bluetooth SIG. His team works in cooperation with more than 35,000 member companies to increase the awareness, adoption, and proliferation of Bluetooth technology, including its rapidly expanding role as a key enabler to the Internet of Things.

Kolderup brings over 25 years of brand marketing, business development, and general management experience to his role. Most recently, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Taqua, a key innovator and leading supplier of virtualized core network solutions to mobile operators worldwide. Prior to Taqua, Kolderup served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Kineto Wireless, as well as the general manager for the company’s core network products business unit. After starting his career at IBM, he went on to help build and lead several successful companies including Jetstream Communications, Edify and Centigram Communications.

Kolderup holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. A native of California, he enjoys mountain biking, surfing and spending time with his family, especially outdoors.


Denise Montoya, VP of Enterprise Planning

Denise Montoya is the vice president of enterprise planning and leads the areas of project and product management. In her role, Montoya oversees the planning and delivery of the SIG project portfolio in service of the Bluetooth Core Programs. She also leads the product management area which focuses on providing members a positive tool experience for use during the development of specifications, testing member products, and ultimately the member qualification of their Bluetooth devices.

Montoya brings over 25 years experience is the technology industry for bringing new products and services to market. Most recently, she was at Microsoft where she drove internal adoption and marketing of the Dynamics product and shifting teams to a service based, customer centric mindset. Prior to Microsoft, she spent over 20 years in the wireless industry both domestically and internationally in a variety of roles within Operations, IT and Program Offices for delivering initiatives for the Marketing and Product teams. She focuses on visibility and collaboration across teams and bringing scalability to drive effectiveness.

Montoya holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.


Steve Chalgren, VP & GM of Specification

Steve Chalgren leads the Specifications Program at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). His team supports our member companies that collaborate and invent new Bluetooth technology specifications, create methods to validate critical interoperability of Bluetooth devices, and respond to security vulnerabilities as they are discovered or reported.

Chalgren brings over 25 years of software-focused R&D, product, and general management leadership to his role. Recently, he served as the SVP of Business Strategy and Planning for Altium, a global electrical engineering eCAD design tool and product realization provider. Before Altium, Chalgren served as the Chief Strategy Officer & EVP of Product Management at Arena Solutions, a leading cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provider. His career has spanned both manufacturing and software roles, mainly at technology start-ups, including Tricord Systems, Jetstream Communications, Agile Software, and Bocada.

Chalgren holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Minnesota. He grew up fully embracing the four-season weather of the northern states: Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Today, he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and coaching his daughter’s soccer team in temperate Northern California.