Working groups are the driving force behind Bluetooth® wireless technology, delivering innovations that make the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. Working group members collaborate to define new specifications and enhance adopted specs, which determine the functionality and interoperability of future wireless devices.

This year, the 2017 Bluetooth Working Group Summit saw record registration and attendance. Working Group members had an opportunity to hold comprehensive face-to-face discussions about the future of Bluetooth technology, and all SIG members were invited to attend a full day of informative updates from the most active working groups and sit in on visionary presentations about what’s next in wireless connectivity.

At the summit, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) also awarded the annual Working Group Awards to working groups, committee members, and contributors who were recognized by their peers for their impact and dedication to advancing Bluetooth technology. Their devotion throughout the year and commitment to making a difference is what keeps Bluetooth innovations at the forefront of the IoT.

Congratulations to all our award winners!

Thanks to all the Working Group Members who voted and commented on the commitment of their awarded peers.

Working Group/Committee Chair of the Year

Szymon Slupik, Silvair, Mesh Working Group

“Throughout the 30-month marathon of specification development, with extreme commitment and focus, Szymon managed to pull all possible resources of the Mesh Working Group to deliver the mesh networking revolution to Bluetooth.” — Bluetooth Working Group Member


Working Group of the Year

Mesh Working Group Almost 60% of all votes went to this group

“Without a doubt, Bluetooth mesh will prove to be the greatest success in Bluetooth history in terms of revolutionizing wireless connectivity in the IoT space.” — Bluetooth Working Group Member

Outstanding Technical Contributor of the Year

Szymon Slupik, Silvair, Inc.

“Szymon has been the leading contributor and author of the mesh model specification, delivering extremely deep and well thought architecture that has been fundamental to the success of mesh. He has been a co-author of the ground-breaking concept of Mesh Device Properties. On other fronts Szymon has contributed to upcoming significant performance improvements of Bluetooth mesh networking via enhancement proposals to the Bluetooth Core Specification. Szymon has also authored the Beacons for Channel indication and beacon management FRDs. Finally, Szymon led the effort to create the Mesh Professional Lighting Subgroup and has been the co-author and contributor to the IEC 62386 (DALI) Model FRD.” — Bluetooth Working Group Member


Outstanding New Contributor in Bluetooth SIG Groups

Gerard Harbers, Xicato Inc., Mesh Working Group

“Gerard has been the key contributor to Mesh Device Properties. Through his lighting industry expertise and engineering knowledge, he provided extremely broad and valuable input to one of the key Bluetooth specifications, bringing mesh to an extremely mature level at launch.” — Bluetooth Working Group Member


Michael Ungstrup, Widex A/S, Hearing Aid Working Group

“For his contributions to the Core Specification Working Group, Generic Audio Working Group, and Hearing Aid Working Group. His contributions are always of high quality, well thought through, and constructive.” — Bluetooth Working Group Member


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