Connecting a World
Free from Wires

From household appliances and fitness trackers to health sensors and medical innovations, Bluetooth connects billions of everyday devices and enables the invention of countless more.

Key Use Cases

From fitness trackers and health & wellness monitors to toys and tools, millions of new Bluetooth low-power, data-transferring devices free consumers from wires every year.


Bluetooth powers wearable devices like fitness trackers and smart watches that are showing up on wrists everywhere to monitor steps, exercise, activity, and sleep.


A driving force behind Bluetooth is freedom from wires. Whether it’s a keyboard, trackpad, or mouse, computers no longer need wires to stay connected.


From blood pressure monitors to portable ultrasound and x-ray imaging systems, Bluetooth technology helps people track and improve their overall wellbeing while making it easier for healthcare professionals to provide quality care.

9 out of 10 speakers will include Bluetooth by 2023


Enhancing Bluetooth Location Services with Direction Finding

Learn how the new Bluetooth direction finding feature enables the development of Bluetooth proximity solutions that can understand device direction as well as Bluetooth positioning systems that can achieve down to centimeter-level location accuracy.


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